All on 6 dental implants Sydney

Dental implants Sydney

Everyone can have a smile they are glad over. With all on 6 dental implants Sydney, we can change your life! From single tooth to whole mouth implant solutions, we offer bespoke specialized treatments to restore your function, your smile, and your confidence.

All on 6 dental treatment Sydney offers dental implants that match your natural teeth and give your mouth a strong, permanent foundation.

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All on 6 dental implants Sydney Treatment Options

Our experts of dental implants offer the most stable and least-painful method of replacing teeth. We at all on 6 dental implants Sydney provide a vast amount of dental services at affordable rates and give guaranteed services.

Keyhole dental implants

If you decide to go for an implant but you are scared of those long surgical procedures during the placement of an implant, or if you want to save your time and want to get it done quickly, you can go for our keyhole dental implants.

Our clinic offers the best surgeons who are trained for the keyhole implant. We worry about your oral health. We have only two goals, you should be able to chew your food properly and you should be able to smile confidently.

All on 8 dental implants

If you have completely no teeth in your mouth or you have very weak teeth in the jaws which are advised for extraction by our team, you have few options for getting back the functional teeth and gracefully pleasing smile. One of the perfect options is all on 8 dental implants.

All-on-8 dental implants are based on eight dental implants which include both upper and lower curves. The eight dental implants are located in the jaw one by one, thus creating support for the placement of the bridges and crowns depending on the case of the patient.

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Our other services

All on 6 dentures cost Sydney is very affordable, reliable and provide all types of dental related services.

If you want to replace all your lost teeth with dental implants then you’ll obviously want to know the ways to save your money. Get an affordable solution to restore your smile and improve your facial structure then our All on 4 implants can serve your needs without causing you any great trouble.

Mini Dental Implants​

A mini tooth implant treatment is basically performed by our specialist dental surgeon when there is a loss of a tooth or two due to age factor, injury, accident or any other reason. The whole process may take upto 3 months from beginning to end if you do it the usual way as it requires time for healing and growth of new bones.

Same Day Dental Implant​

We offer advanced dental implant procedure, practiced over hundreds of cases, to enable full mouth implant teeth, fitted in a single visit and same day. We use the best possible quality implant materials.


We offer all on 5 implants that can match your expectations of our reliable solution. These implants are custom made with cutting edge technology to protect your teeth for long while offering you an aesthetically enhanced smile. This method takes only a few visits to complete so you can get back to living your life without being troubled with frequent dental problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

This is important to the success of your new mouth. The biggest problem with this technology is failure to provide maintenance. If you smoke, and fail to clean or look after your mouth then it can lead to problems down the track. 
Having an all on 6 dental implants Sydney means getting a permanent solution. It will last up to 15 to 20 years and maybe more than that.
Dental implants can take minimum two months to join into place. Fresh implant needs time to heal so bone can secure the implant into place.
Both are executed at different processes. Dentures cannot be made into implants. Implants are metal screws placed into the jawbone to support anchor and artificial teeth. It may be possible to have implants placed under existing dentures to aid in the stabilization and support for those dentures. 
All-on-6 is an implant treatment process that mainly requires changing all missing teeth in one jaw by using six implants.