All on 6 dental implants Gold Coast

Dental Implants Gold Coast

Smiling is the most important trait of humans and having a smile to glad on is a big fortune. With the help of our all on 6 dental implants Gold Coast, change your life with a better smile! We offer a single tooth to whole mouth implant solutions and our innovative treatments will help you restore the function, smile, and confidence you have lost.

All on 6 dental treatment Gold Coast will offer dental implants that aesthetically match your natural teeth and give your mouth a firm and permanent foundation.

A new Healthy smile in just one day !

All on 6 dental implants Gold Coast Treatment Options

With the help of our highly skilled and very professional dental team, you will get the best dental solution for your various dental problems. Our main aim is to provide our patients with effective, affordable and satisfying services.  

Dental Implant Bridges 

If you are not up for the whole arch of implants then you can also choose our affordable and efficient Dental Bridge implants. Bridges installed at our facility can easily provide you comfort as well as help you replace multiple teeth in one go without replacing the whole arch.

With the help treatment, we help you save hundreds of dollars while offering you top-notch dental comfort. We even create dental bridges according to your preferences and desires to give you an aesthetically accurate look.


If you are short on budget and don’t want to go for all on 6 implants, then you can choose our highly preferable all-on-8 dental implants. Our dentists use this revolutionary technique to replace missing teeth with 8 implants. And the best thing about this treatment is that no bone grafting is required.

With years of experience under their belt and treating patients with dealing with multiple missing teeth, our dentists are more than capable of giving them the advanced full mouth restoration procedure effortlessly. With the help of this procedure, you will be able to save a substantial amount of money and need not wait about the bone healing process to enjoy your routine life.

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Our other services

All on 6 dentures cost Gold Coast is very affordable, reliable and provides all types of dental related services. What follows are some of the dental services provided by us:


If you want to avoid dentures then you can go for our much acclaimed All-on-4 dental implants. Our dentist will fit a small titanium screw into your and that will change the root of your missing tooth. Our facility has all the modern equipment and a team of dentists more than capable enough to perform a small operation and install 4 implants in your jaw for an alluring smile.


Same-day dental implant

Our dental facility at Gold Coast is state-of-art and we offer advanced dental implant procedure. Our proficient dentists have enabled full mouth implant teeth, fitted in a single visit and same day. We use the best possible quality implant materials.



Our all on 5 is a procedure that can satisfy your expectations of reliable dental implant solution. We make these implants are custom made with cutting edge technology to protect your teeth long-lasting while offering you an aesthetically enhanced smile.


Single Tooth Implant

This singular loss of a tooth can not only hamper your confidence but can also take away your mesmerising smile. Well, not anymore! We at All On 6 Dental Implant Gold Coast provide our patients with an affordable and efficient singular tooth implant option that can replace your missing tooth and bring back that beautiful smile on your face.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

If you choose our dental facility then you will face no complication as our experienced dentists will maintain all precautions while providing you with dental implants so you don’t have to experience pain, inflammation or infection both during and after the treatment.
Most traditional implants require placing six or more implants in your either jaw which might require a bone grafting procedure. Whereas you can avoid this procedure with all on 5 implants while saving both money and recovery time with our near painless procedure.
We have a very experienced team of dentists and they will keep the treatment minimally invasive and during the time of fixing the implant, the surgery area will be numbed with an anesthetic to offer you a near-painless procedure. However, you should expect some sensations and mild throbbing during the process.
If you take good care of your dental implants once they are fused with the bone then they last for decades. If you rigorously follow instructions then many dental implants last for 15-20 years or even more.