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Dental Implants Brisbane

Beautiful and mesmerizing smile is every people’s dream and with us, you will be able to show your perfectly alluring smile to the world. We offer loads of dental implant services that can make your smile amazingly gorgeous and your biggest asset.

At All On 6 dental treatment Brisbane, we guarantee that with the help of our dental implants, you will have long-lasting solutions. Our treatments will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of this implant process.

A new Healthy smile in just one day !

All on 6 dental implants Brisbane treatment options

Our dental experts will offer you sturdy and methods that are least painful for replacing teeth. We at all on 6 dental implants Brisbane provide our patients with comprehensive dental services at affordable rates and amazing clinic experience.

Dental Implant Bridges 

Dental bridges do have their advantages but they are also prone to damages and wear with time. Gums can retreat over time, exposing a metal edge from the basic layer and that can cause discomfort in your mouth.  

To avoid this and offer a perfect solution to our patients, at all on 6 dental implants, we recommend dental implant bridges for the stability and strength, as well as their aesthetically accurate appearance in the mouth.

Implant Dentures Treatment

If you have an imbalanced bite, tooth sensitivity and other dental problems then it is time to seek our dental services and go for our Implant dentures that are fixed to your jaw for the ultimate dental comfort. These dentures are not only durable than temporary dentures but are also likely to resemble your original teeth.

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Our other services



Our all on 4 dental implants are revolutionary as the new set of your teeth will be supported by only 4 implants in your mouth. Our dentists will make sure that they are fitted at the correct angle to provide you with a hassle-free experience of having implants in your mouth.



It is similar to all on 4 but only one implant will be added to provide you with extra stability. Our all on 5 dental implants are known to be very result-driven and will provide our patients with high-quality full teeth restoration without the use of bone grafting. 


Mini dental implants

If you have suffered a loss of a tooth due to aging, accident, or an injury then our dental surgeons will perform a mini tooth implant in your mouth. It will help you restore your tooth on a short period of notice. The full procedure takes lots of your time but our mini dental implant will only take up to 3 months from beginning to end.



You will have a full plate of 8 implants in your jaw to support the teeth restoration and that will work as “anchors” to fix a long-lasting dental bridge. We offer this service only to patients who have lost most of their natural teeth. 

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They are the most natural feeling replacement for missing teeth and very long-lasting too. Dental implants will also help to keep your jawbone healthy so that your facial shape stays intact.
Dental implants are very effective and safe. It has been used over many decades. We are an intelligent, well-trained and reputed implant dentist that will help you to minimize complications and provide skilful handling of any problems.
The cost of dental implants is depending upon your particular needs as well as the number of appointments and besides it depends on patients or their customized dental implants treatments.
It depends on the process you are choosing. Every patient is different from each other. After completing the required diagnostics, we will provide you with a treatment plan including the estimated amount of time to complete the process.
Dental implants provided by all on 6 dental treatments Melbourne have the potential to last for decades. Caring for teeth restored with dental implants is just like caring for your natural teeth, brush, floss and visiting our office regularly for cleanings and check-ups. 
No, and you should never try to remove your implants manually. If you experience looseness or other dental problems, you should immediately book an appointment with your dentist to prevent any further problems from occurring.